Voye V009A Wireless Intelligent Doorbell Remote Control Digital Receiver Doorbell With 38 Songs – White + Blue


  • Transmitter operating current less than 15mA (20 times a day by calculating, a high-quality battery can use one year)
  • LED indicators: press the launch button, the transmitter LED lights, transmitters work, while the receiver is receiving instruction, also issued a sounding music, reminding you have a VIP visit, while the “blue” on the receiver LED is also accompanied by a regular flash music
  • sources: 38 sources to choose from, by an external touch of a button “(turn on) Up / Down (Down)” operation is complete (sources include: Europe, America, Asia and other world music and more customers like the Middle East the 10 songs of Arab Music)
  • Volume Adjustment: Hi (high), Med (medium), Lo (low) three volume options, through an external switch (or button) operation is completed